“My experience with aTi was amazing!  I currently teach Graphic Arts at Essex County Vocational Technical High School in West Caldwell, after attending the aTi - Stockton - Graphic Design program last summer I incorporated so many new and great ideas into my lesson plans.   During my time at aTi, I had the opportunity to connect on a one on one basis with other artists and had stimulating conversations relating to the art field and managing classroom behavior.  It was very rewarding to come home with new ideas that I can use within my own classroom.   I am planning to apply for a scholarship for the upcoming session and look forward to learning new and exciting techniques that I could share with my design students for the following year.”        

- Cindy Rubino
Essex County Votech, West Caldwell, NJ


Dance Teacher Leslie Cleveland
excited to learn something
new and expand her comfort zone

Art Teacher Sue Ossana takes a break
from class to reflect on the
aTi experience.

Graphic Design Teacher Caitlin Gioe
learned how digital photography
can help her work with students

"aTi has afforded me the opportunity to explore some avenues in art that I had not really thought about. The learning experience that I brought back with me opened up new avenues of expression in my art curriculum. Dr. Joann Cardillo was so impressed that she wanted every student in school #7 to make a book from the experience that I received from the book arts class. It really turned out to be very beneficial. I work with the 5th and 7th grades and their projects are really looking fantastic. To you and the aTi workshop, Job well done!"

- Vernon Nealy
  Art Teacher, Paterson


"ATI was a groundbreaking experience for me because i had not been a "student" in a classroom for about 10 years.  It was good for me to learn new techniques and stretch my skill set.  It was humbing and powerful to not be the "expert" but needing to learn and remembering how it feels to try something you have never done.  How intimidating such learning can actually be for the students I teach!  I have directly applied what I learned at ATI by using techniques from the printmaking class and the writing class in my lessons. There is a one-to-one correlation between attending ATI and my striving for master teacher status.  I certainly feel I am a better teacher because of my experience at ATI. "
My teaching practice has changed as my frame of reference was expanded.  In particular, in my case, the most profund change was that I think I am far more inquiry based than I ever used to be.  My experience with Dahlia and with Eileen showed me how to ask questions in a more dynamic way.  Additionally, the idea of exposing students to many different examples of how one might complete a project was so valuable.  Previously, I was a kind of "one example---Let's go!"  type of teacher.  ATI broadened this view considerably and the program impacts me by enhancing my daily practice as a teacher of art."

- Irene Mitta,
Art Teacher Plainfield


"aTi has definitely increased my perception of what can  be done in a classroom setting. For example  I have used  several times  techniques from the Visual Writing class   for example  children use colored pencils or markers to describe thoughts and feelings regarding stories that we have read. But  I think the greater  but more subtle difference than any one specific technique is that I run my speech and language sessions more like a studio class. I will explain- because I was able to be so creative and I felt so incredibly productive I allow my students that time. I allow  them more self-direction. I have given myself permission to allow this exploration for my students.  For example I have three 1st grade female students, after we complete a speech and language activity. One girl loves to cut and color and the other two want to play with a doll house. I go between the two groups  and the language they use because they are self-directed is greater than if I structured the activity. This is a philosophical shift in programming."

- Naomi Gamorra MA
Speech Language Specialist, Paterson 


"ATi has made me a more confident artist and teacher. I believe in my skills and techniques now, and my students see my confidence and in turn try their projects without hesitation." 

- Victoria Reinhard

"aTi has been invaluable to me this year! I took Printmaking last summer in hopes of learning some new techniques that I could use to teach my brand-new high school printmaking class. Eileen Foti was wonderful, and taught me several great printing methods that I now use in my classes and even in my own personal work. I felt more prepared and excited to teach this year and my students have really enjoyed my printmaking class. My students have made really sophisticated artworks using the techniques I learned at aTi, so I can say with certainty that the experience was very worthwhile. I look forward to going this summer as well!!"

- Catherine Gelchinsky