DEADLINE: MAY 25, 2016

To support your attendance at aTi, partial tuition scholarships are avaliable to eligible Full-Time New Jersey Teachers for our Summer Program. Please read the following carefully before applying for a scholarship. Notifications of scholarship acceptance are sent in June 2016. Scholarship applicants should not complete an online registration. 

This year, our aTi Scholarship Application is completely online, including an online form that your recommender can complete for your required letter of recommendation. You can complete the application by clicking here.

Scholarship Requirements

  • You must be a full-time NJ teacher.
  • You must complete the scholarship application by the May 25, 2016.
  • You can only apply for a scholarship at one site.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be required to submit a ​$150 scholarship acceptance fee to secure your registration.
  • Attend all workshop sessions.
  • Complete a scholarship report (see examples of scholarship reports).
  • Scholarships do not pay for residential costs including lodging and extra meals

To Apply for a Scholarship

  • ​Visit the online application.
  • Complete the application. 
    • Tell us about yourself.
    • What is your interest in attending aTi?
    • Tell us about your teaching experience and how you have integrated the arts.
    • How will you and your students benefit from your attendance at aTi?
    • Why did you choose the workshop you indicated.
    • How will you apply what you learn at aTi to your teaching practice and how will this impact your students should a scholarship be awarded?
    • If you have received an aTi Scholarship in the past, how have you applied what you learned in the classroom  at aTi? Provide three specific examples of lessons or projects you have conducted.
  • Letter of Recommendation from Principal or Supervisor. This is now available online! 

Scholarship Report Requirements

  • Keep a daily journal to assist in the creation of and to provide content for your scholarship report. Your daily journal is not your scholarship report. Rather, your journal helps to create and inform your report.
  • Provide a scholarship report that documents each day of your aTi experience: what you’re learning and discovering, new insights, how the knowledge and skills you are acquiring will be applied to your teaching and artistic work, and how it will impact your students.
  • Capture both the process and product of your learning experience every day through substantial narratives and supplemental materials such as photos, writing samples, works in progress, videos, sketches, collage, etc.
  • Meet the required length of the scholarship report: Whether your report is in a Word Document, PowerPoint or blog, your narrative for each day must be at least 2 pages double spaced. Photos, sketches, and other supplemental documentation are not part of your daily narrative, but can be included with it.
  • Submit your completed scholarship report by the given deadline via email, regular mail, or blog/website link. Large files must be sent through a free online service like, or on a CD or DVD. Incomplete reports will result in a full fee tuition charge payable to Arts Horizons – aTi.