101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205

Workshop Registration Fees

Teacher Tuition: $625*    Full-Time Artist Tuition: $475*     Other Tuition: $625* 
A lite breakfast and lunch are provided daily.  *Additional Materials Fees May Apply.
Commuter and Residential Participants can take advantage of previous evening studio time!

Optional Residential Lodging and Extra Meals: $300

Residential participants stay overnight at Stockton University's accomodating single-sex dorm rooms. Participants stay in their own locked twin bedroom with desk, closet and dresser, window and shades in a 4-person suite with shared shower, separate bathroom and sink, kitchen with microwave, sink and refrigerator, and living room area. For a list of suggested items to bring as an overnight guest, click here. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria buffet style and catered dinners offer meals with protein, vegetables, starch, fresh salad, fresh fruit, beverages and desserts. You will love the meals at Stockton!
Workshop Descriptions

Digital Photography
Instructor: Wendel White

Digital Photography is an introduction to the use of the digital camera and image editing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (there will be more of an emphasis on Photoshop in this year’s workshop). This workshop provides participants a range of experiences with practical tools and techniques. The emphasis will be on the production of thoughtful, inventive, and well-crafted photographs. This workshop requires a commitment of time, effort, and a willingness to edit and revise. These are core concepts for success and they all have a direct relationship to the final outcome. All the workshop images will be based on photographs taken during our field trips. The subjects we encounter (landscape, architecture, people, etc) may be interpreted in styles ranging from documentary to experimental. Materials Fee: $50

Poetry: Discover the Hidden Poet in You

Instructor: Barbara Daniels

In a welcoming, supportive setting, we’ll discuss the craft of poetry and read contemporary poetry for inspiration. In response to written prompts, you’ll try out interesting new strategies for getting poems started. You’ll also experiment with ways to revise and polish your work, and you’ll get some tips on publishing. You’ll have time to write, and we’ll hold several workshops in which you’ll get practical suggestions for ways to improve your new poems. We also hope to take a field trip to gather ideas for our writing. Whether you’re new to poetry or have been writing for years, you’ll finish the week with poems that will surprise and please you. If you’re a teacher, you’ll return to the classroom equipped with approaches that will motivate your students to become better writers.






Kinetic Sculpture: Moving Parts
Instructor: Ben Pranger

In this class, students will make Rube Goldberg contraptions that explore the potential of movement and sound in sculpture. The class is open to all levels.  We will use simple materials (wood, wire and found objects) and basic woodshop skills to make visually interesting, hand-cranked devices. This fun, intensive class promotes creative problem solving and collaboration between art and science (STEAM). Lectures and videos will introduce the field.  We will discuss how these projects can be adapted for K-12 classrooms. Materials Fee: $50.









Drawing: Loving Nature and Drawing in the Light
Instructor: Cathy LeCleire

Drawing is the tool of thought.  Go beyond traditional drawing and discover new ways of looking at nature.  This comprehensive workshop will explore drawings as realistic or abstract as desired focusing on nature’s forms, details and patterns, symmetry and light. Discover the marshes, woods and ponds surrounding Stockton through field trips as well as drawing nature in the studio and considering the quality of light that illuminates an object.  Drawing is one of the most fundamental forms of communication throughout human culture and is an essential tool for observation. It integrates science, technology, math, writing and connects students with the natural world around them.  Using a variety of traditional and non-traditional drawing materials, mark making and mark subtracting tools, color media, large-scale formats, photography and journaling, students will learn to combine basic elements of drawing to create unique and individual statements. Materials Fee: $50.  

Printmaking and Papermaking
Instructor: Eileen Foti

Learn to create innovative and sophisticated works of art using simple, low-tech printmaking and papermaking techniques! We will begin by making handmade paper from various types of fiber. We will then explore chipboard relief prints and chine colle’ methods, using our handmade paper. We will use water-based inks that clean up with soap and water, instead of toxic solvents.  These techniques can be used successfully in K-12 classrooms as well as in professional artist studios; with or without a press. We will view an amazing collection of contemporary prints for inspiration! Materials Fee: $50


Music: The Art of Playing Together
Instructor: Hector Morales

In this holistic, eclectic and fun music workshop you will be able to experience world drumming, ukulele playing, instrument building, songwriting, music tech, and much more! Based on your particular interests we will develop repertoire, for your own enjoyment and that you could bring into your own classroom. We will take advantage of the beautiful natural areas around campus to inspire our playing and even spark some original compositions. All in a supportive environment that will allow time for reflection, experimentation and process.

Oil Painting: Transformation and Tradition
Instructor: Kit Sailer

Immerse yourself in this enduring medium and experience the breadth and depth of oil painting from Analyzing reference materials to Zooming in on detail.   Learn basics such as palette layout, easel set up and brush techniques.  Expand your knowledge of materials including pigments, mediums, surfaces and tools.  Deepen your understanding of color theory and how to mix the subtle variations in skin tones.  Explore the process of abstraction and discuss subject matter interpretation.  Express yourself with a brush and discover the joys and mysteries of facing the blank canvas. Materials Fee: $50.