Artist/Teacher Institute Summer 2016 - North


July 11 - 15, 2016
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430


Workshop Registration Fees

Teacher Tuition: $425*    Full-Time Artist Tuition: $375*     Other Tuition: $425* 
A lite breakfast and lunch are provided daily.  *Additional Materials Fees May Apply.

Workshop Descriptions

3D Printing and Technology
Instructor: Ann LePore

This is a studio course introducing the electronic manipulation of visual information. We will examine the relationship between digital tool use, creation, and image-making from a fine-art perspective. We will work primarily with a 3D printer, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and a range of processes both analog and digital. This is an opportunity to experiment with technology in a supportive environment. By the end of the week, you will be able to identify and use with confidence, the basic tools that facilitate the creation of digital objects, images, and animations. A variety of examples will be critiqued and participant work will be discussed as well as strategies for computer artists. Materials Fee: $50








Poetry: Challenging The Muse: Writing Original Poems
Instructor: Peter E. Murphy

Using contemporary poetry as the basis for each day’s craft discussion, we will experiment with language, current events, popular culture and personal mythology to write poems that are meaningful, satisfying and true. Several times during the week supportive feedback will stress revision techniques to improve the sound and sense of your new work. Whether you are a beginner or have been at it for years, you will go home with some new poems that will surprise and please you. If you are a teacher, you will return to your classroom armed with strategies to help your students become better writers. "Re-PETERs" welcome! Prompts, readings and craft discussions will differ from previous years.










Everything Clay
Instructor: Deborah Goletz

Clay is so expressive, appeals to every age and offers many interdisciplinary opportunities. This course teaches you simple, low-tech forming methods, which can be used in K-12 classrooms (even without equipment!). We’ll start with pinched and coil whistles and sculptures which won’t crack or explode in a kiln. Then you’ll make your very own slab roller and use it to make mugs and lidded boxes. You’ll even have the opportunity to use a potter’s wheel.  Finally, you’ll glaze your creations and fire them in an electric kiln.  A plethora of age-appropriate (and super fun) projects will be created. Materials Fee: $50

Oil Painting: Transformation and Tradition
Instructor: Kit Sailer

Immerse yourself in this enduring medium and experience the breadth and depth of oil painting from Analyzing reference materials to Zooming in on detail.   Learn basics such as palette layout, easel set up and brush techniques.  Expand your knowledge of materials including pigments, mediums, surfaces and tools.  Deepen your understanding of color theory and how to mix the subtle variations in skin tones.  Explore the process of abstraction and discuss subject matter interpretation.  Express yourself with a brush and discover the joys and mysteries of facing the blank canvas. Materials Fee: $50

Music: The Art of Playing Together
Instructor: Hector Morales

In this holistic, eclectic and fun music workshop you will be able to experience world drumming, ukulele playing, instrument building, songwriting, music tech, and much more! Based on your particular interests we will develop repertoire, for your own enjoyment and that you could bring into your own classroom. We will take advantage of the beautiful natural areas around campus to inspire our playing and even spark some original compositions. All in a supportive environment that will allow time for reflection, experimentation and process

Printmaking and Papermaking

Instructor: Eileen Foti

Learn to create innovative and sophisticated works of art using simple, low-tech printmaking and papermaking techniques! We will begin by making handmade paper from various types of fiber. We will then explore chipboard relief prints and chine colle’ methods, using our handmade paper. We will use water-based inks that clean up with soap and water, instead of toxic solvents.  These techniques can be used successfully in K-12 classrooms as well as in professional artist studios; with or without a press. We will view an amazing collection of contemporary prints for inspiration! Materials Fee: $50